About us

LiveHelp is the first Italian digital platform that helps companies in creating the best Omnichannel Customer Care experience thanks to a smart use of technology.

Our goal is to create a true partnership with the companies that choose LiveHelp, supporting them in taking care of their clients and making them enthusiastic and loyal.

Valentina Trevaini and Alessandro La Ciura talk about the story, the values and the goals of LiveHelp, the first Italian Suite for Omnichannel Digital Customer Care.
Every line in our code is written by us, so we can adapt and personalize our applications to your needs, even the most extreme.
We make your ideas come true and study the best solutions to make your Customer Care service amazing.

Our values

What are the values that guide our projects?


That translates in listening and cares for our clients and colleagues.
Every solution reflects our customers’ needs and our values.


That we want to transmit with reliability, transparency, precision
and professionality.


For new opportunities, technology, every new project...
And LiveHelp products, of course!


That allows us to anticipate your needs, offer the most advanced technologies and make possible what you think is impossible.


Thanks to the satisfaction
of our clients and teamwork,
that allows us to pursue our goals with dedication.

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