The interface that guarantees the best omnichannel digital customer care service.

LiveHelp Suite is the complete digital engagement platform that collects all your company’s conversations.

What makes the difference?

ACD (Automatic Contact Distribution).

ACD is the smart flow of communication distribution system.

All conversations coming from different channels are conveyed by the Suite and dispatched to operators based on your parameters.

Automatic Contact Distribution is the solution for an optimized omnichannel communication.
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Google Single Sign On

  • Say no to Stress, a single login from a single Google account!

    You can access LiveHelp solutions directly from your Google account , if you wish.

Discover the omnichannel experience

The Suite is made of the following modules:


What can bring together the advantages of written and oral communication?

Assistance via Chat, VideoChat, VoiceChat and LiveCall.
The LiveChat module allows to provide your clients with quick support and consulting, using a friendly and easy language.

Moving towards more and more phygital experiences.

Also, this includes all the advantages of written communication, the simultaneous attention to multiple requests, the possibility to keep track and to share links and attachments.



How can you make your Helpdesk omnichannel?

LiveTicket transforms the requests that come from your website, from Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS into tickets, to reply to your customers directly from the Suite.



How can you engage your customers on social media?

Meet your clients on the channels they use every day thanks to the LiveSocial module: you can keep in touch via Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business directly from the LiveHelp Suite.

Taking care of your online reputation is simple: You can find all the comments from your audience in the form of tickets which you can quickly reply to.

Also, you can have more control over the flow of conversations: all interactions are traced traced and can be accessed from the backoffice.



How can you automate your customer care service?

LiveBot is a virtual assistant with an artificial intelligence that supports the operator’s work acting as the first touchpoint on your business website or on social media.


Business Performance

What tools do I have to measure and monitor my results?

Business Performance is the Business Intelligence platform that allows you to increase your productivity and create a Data-Driven strategy.

Reporting is based on listening to customers and measuring KPIs.

Dashboard analytics offer two options: the Customer Care Control panel for monitoring the service and calculating ROI and the Directional BI to forecast future scenarios.


Empower Agent

How can I support my operators to make them even more productive?

Advanced tools that help, support and improve the assistance provided by operators. Empower Agent increases the potential of your service thanks to exclusive tools that make managing the conversations and organizing resources faster.


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