The first Digital Medical Care Suite easy to use!

LiveHealth is the first complete Suite that enables all medical care offices to digitize the relationship between patient and doctor through direct technological communication, putting the patient at the center.

What are the main features of LiveHealth?

  • Connected Health Service
  • Agenda Management
  • Triage Optimization
  • Health Archives
  • Online Payments
  • Privacy Policy

Connected Health Service

LiveHealth is the digital breakthrough in interaction between doctor and patient who can communicate via Chat , VideoChat and through other LiveSuite modules.

LiveHealth assists the digital turnaround of the health care system by making the various services of the Telemedicine world accessible to patients and professionals:

  • Televisits: thanks to technology, as a health professional, you will be able to make online visits by interacting remotely and in real time with the patient.
  • TeleConsultation: you can discuss and compare regarding the patient's clinical situation with other health professionals participating in an online interaction.

LiveHealth makes everything intuitive and simple : the user is supported step by step during the booking process, choosing the specialty, modality (on site or virtual ), date and time slot of the appointment. All services are just a click away, saying goodbye to long waits in phone lines.

Medical services are provided via WebChat and VideoChat applications that facilitate direct interaction and sharing of clinical data, reports and images.

Agenda Management

Intuitive organization of the visit schedule.

The specialist can independently schedule his or her own availabilities and view booked appointments from LiveHealth or favorite calendar app.

Confirmation of appointments, the sending of reminders and follow-ups is automated through email and SMS scheduling, with indications or any preliminary notes for the visit.

To reach out to patients on the channels they prefer, integration with LivePush forms is also provided.

Triage Optimization

Digital survey to assess patient health status and identify emergencies.

The Symptom Checker is an Online Questionnaire that automates the evaluation of patients' conditions and identification of symptoms, speeding up Triage (e.g.: COVID-19 protocols) and optimizing the prioritization of care services.

The data collected from the patient's responses support the professional in tailoring the visit to the specifics of the individual situation.

Health Archives

A dossier containing the patient's medical documentation to reconstruct the entire health history and make accurate diagnoses.

The documentation is always accessible to patients and to authorized specialists and is stored in total security (e.g.: strong authentication).

The record is easy to update: the patient can upload documents and images, including those external to LiveHealth, which make the clinical overview more complete.

The archive includes the Medical Report , a summary filled online by the professional at the end of the appointment with any prescriptions, indications for follow-up , and digital signature of the doctor.

Online Payments

Payments for health services can occur either on site or online.

LiveHealth is Nexi Pay certified and can be integrated with any web payment platform to truly facilitate the citizen in every single step, including the balance of the service.

In addition, the Digital Medical Care Suite allows the creation of customized packages of services that can be purchased by patients, with the aim to offer complete pathways and with the purpose of building loyalty.

Privacy Policy

We protect health. And your patients' data.

LiveHealth is GDPR compliant: all data are stored on European servers.
In addition, the platform is ISO 9001 and ISO 270001 certified, with extensions 17 and 18.

  • Conversations between doctor and patient and between professionals are protected by encryption systems.
  • All patient information is accessible only by the patient and authorized medical professionals.
  • LiveHealth's business is based on enrollment in Connected Health services by professionals and medical offices, not on trading in patient data.

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