Performance Monitoring

Measure your results and perfect your communicative strategy.

Listen to your clients and anticipate their needs.

Performance monitoring module delivers integrated data in analytics dashboards which allow to understand efficiency, strengths and margins for improvement and to check trends in your service.

All this allows to have full control and to identify the perfect strategy for your Omnichannel Digital Customer Care in a Data Driven perspective.

Advantages of Performance Monitoring


  • Performance supervision allows to use preventive measures in order to improve company
    efficiency and productivity.

Performance improvement

  • Understand strengths and improvement opportunities.

Data Driven

  • An overview of all data allows to make
    aimed forecasts
    and build a
    winning strategy.

And more…

Business Intelligence
Customer Care Control

Reports aimed at performance improvement.

Measurement of service efficiency KPIs.

What can Business Intelligence Customer Care Control help with?

  • Identify margins for improvement;
  • Determine satisfaction level;
  • Experience the advantages of Digital Engagement.
    The data proves it 😉

Directional Business Intelligence

Data overview to guide choices in an informed way.

LiveHelp reports offer an overview of data collected during conversations in order to monitor performances and identify insights, for a Data Driven strategy.

How can Directional Business Intelligence improve my service?

  • Understand strenghts and weaknesses;
  • Control trends and efficiency of Customer Care service;
  • Forecast trends;
  • Identify a winning strategy.

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