Empower Agent

Advanced features to support your operators.

Coach, Translator, Prompter and Agenda
make agents working with the Suite even more efficient.

Empower Agent module can work across other products of the LiveHelp Suite.

Why use Empower Agent in LiveHelp Suite?

  • Reduce handling time;
  • Increase the number of simultaneous conversations conversazioni contemporanee to optimized handling;
  • Greater satisfaction of operators and also users!

Empower Agent advantages


  • Prompter and Coach modules allow to supervise contents and formal aspects of conversations.


  • With the Translator your operators can communicate with clients from all over the world.

Resource organization

  • The Agenda module allows to plan resource activities based on requests from different channels.

And much more...


A knowledge base at your operators’ disposal.

Prompter can be used in LiveChat, LiveTicket and LiveSocial modules.

Operators can use predefined keys, also from LiveBot, to reply to visitors.

What advantages does Prompter have?

  • Answers are always correct, friendly and in line with your company’s tone of voice;
  • It combines the efficiency of automation with human sensitivity: before being sent, answers can be modified and personalized by operators based on user’s specific requirements;
  • Have a list of replies that is always up to date, and easy to manage.


Direct support between colleagues.

Coach feature can be added to the LiveChat module.

Operators designated as coaches can read other colleagues’ conversations or assist them during a VideoChat session and give them real time support in handling requests.

What are the advantages of the Coach function?

  • Real time monitoring of conversations and VideoChats;
  • Offer training and support to new resources using real conversations;
  • Internal communication optimization, with an exchange of information and advice;
  • Conversations supervising.


Multilingual assistance.

This module can be integrated with LiveChat, LiveTicket, LiveSocial and LiveBot.

LiveHelp’s Translator can automatically translate messages from the operator to the user’s language which is immediately recognized by the system.

Messages sent to agents are also translated in their language.

In this way, user and agents interact in their own language:
the Translator of LiveHelp is the interpreter.

What advantages does Translator have?

  • High quality conversations and support even for international customers;
  • Saves time and money in language training;
  • Speeds up handling of foreign language requests, preventing online translating and difficulties in vocabulary.


Offer a service that can be booked.

Agenda is a booking system for your Customer Care service that allows to organize Chat and VideoChat sessions with your clients.

What are the advantages of the Agenda?

  • Have an activity planning tool;
  • Flexibility in organizing resources and time slots;
  • Handling of appointments is done by Agenda: confirmations, notification emails, reminders for operators
    and users;
  • Calendar applications integration (e.g.: Google Calendar, iCalendar, Outlook Calendar…).

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