LiveHelp’s® virtual assistant,
that replaces the operator as a first touchpoint, on your website or on social media channels.

When Artificial Intelligence is really intelligent.

LiveBot module includes all applications and tools that allow to automate and optimize services to clients, to offer quick support, 24/7.

What advantages does introducing Artificial Intelligence provide to Customer Care service?

  • Automatic handling of FAQs through an Artificial Intelligence that allows to save time and money;
  • Provide first level support oriented to First Contact Resolution quickly, punctually, and always available;
  • Integration with the main instant messaging platforms;

  • Requests needing human intervention can be transferred to agents in chat or changed into tickets;
  • Replies given by the ChatBot are always in line with the Tone of Voice of your company and are easy to update;
  • LiveBot has no borders!
    Our ChatBot can interact in any language;
  • LiveBot is able to generate conversions and thanks to the possible integrations with e-commerce sites, it can support clients in different stages of the sales funnel;
  • Thanks to advanced features of scopes and context, the ChatBot remembers in following interactions what the user had communicated and gives only replies coherent with the client’s real needs (e.g.: if the user had asked for size 36 shoes, the ChatBot will suggest contents only relative to that size of shoes);
  • Thanks to custom reports, all information necessary to monitor Bot performance and improve communication are available.

LiveBot advantages


  • Most frequent requests
    can be handled by a Bot
    with predefined replies
    which are standard in content and form
    and easy to update.

operators’ effort

  • Replying to repetitive questions, it allows
    operators to focus on
    high value tasks
    and reduces
    their workload.

to chat and ticket

  • It allows the user to enter
    the Chat with operators
    and/or open a ticket at the Helpdesk, so operators can
    handle requests from the Bot.

And much more...


The virtual assistant that takes care of your customers.

The text ChatBot that responds as first touchpoint to visitors’ requests.

Why choose the Bot?

  • Because thanks to our ChatBot Specialist, your client will always be happy to interact with the Bot;
  • Thanks to the integration with custom systems it is possible to automate some low value tasks (e.g.: tracking orders, product search…);
  • Full freedom in designing the user experience: it’s possible to choose a tree,cluster and conversational structure with several Bots sharing information, based on your preference.


ChatBot gets a voice.

The ChatBot provides assistance via telephone, thanks to the integrated system virtual IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

Why choose VoiceBot?

  • For a more empathetic, quick, practical and engaging communication;
  • To reduce human effort in handling telephone contacts;
  • Thanks to STT (Speech to Text) and TTS (Text to Speech), a transcription of the entire conversation is available in the Backoffice;
  • If needed, the Bot allows clients to open a ticket for operators or to talk directly to an operator.

Smart Speaker

The ChatBot becomes "dispositive".

LiveBot can be integrated with voice assistants Alexa and Google Home and allows to ask for information, book appointments, ask for estimates etc. in a fluent and empathic way.

Why integrate LiveBot with Smart Speakers?

  • To automate and speed up frequent and repetitive activities;
  • To elicit the WOW effect: your customer will receive the bot’s reply directly from Google Home or Alexa;
  • To amplify your ChatBot’s potential, accessing the world of the Internet of Things.

Advanced features EMPOWER AGENT integration:

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