Web, Video e VoiceChat for online sales and assistance.

Multiply your assistance.
Support your clients in their Customer Journey.

LiveChat allows real time communication with your clients, choosing from a fast approach with the Chat, a human approach with the VideoChat or an emotional one with the VoiceChat and practical with LiveCall.

LiveChat has many advantages, here are the main:

  • Assistance to many customers at the same time;
  • Quick support;
  • Easily shared links, attachments and screenshots;
  • Communication with clients from any platform: operators can provide assistance from Mobile, via the LiveHelp App or from any application.

What difference is there between LiveChat and Lite Chat ? All the world!

The Suite includes:
  • Custom Projects for each client, with total freedom of customization and integration;
  • Continuous support and assistance;
  • Full training, from the use of applications to the improvement of communicative skills.

  • Our Automatic Contact Distribution (ACD) system (ACD) shares in a smart way all communication flows.
    All conversations whatever channel they come from are routed into the LiveHelp Suite and assigned to operators based on custom parameters.

Advantages of LiveChat

Real time

  • Give quick assistance
    to your customers.

Contact management queues

  • Optimized handling of contacts via request sorting queues.

Extraordinary features

  • "Mind reading", predefined replies...for an even more efficient service.

And much more...


Real time communication for B2B and B2C Digital Engagement.

The chat with many incredible extra features.

Why choose a chat?

  • To accompany your clients while they browse your website and provide them with quick support;
  • Customized assistance thanks to the possibility to identify users;
  • "Mind reading", which allows to see the text while it is being typed typed in order to prepare a reply in advance.
And more…


Add a human touch to digital communication.

Videochat allows to interact with clients using a video channel, without losing the emotional side of communication.

Why choose the Videochat?

  • Because the time is right: by now we have all acquired confidence with this channel;
  • For a more empathic approach based on non-verbal communication;
  • To offer distance consultancy;
  • To support customers buy products with a complete Phygital experience.
And there is more…


Written or spoken? You choose.

The VoiceChat transforms speech into text and text into speech for a more fluent and exciting communication.

Why choose VoiceChat?

  • For an engaging and natural communication thanks to the Automatic Speech Recognition process that automates your client’s voice;
  • To assist clients who prefer communicating on a voice channel: the user can interact with operators even when engaged in other activities (e.g.: while they are in the car, kitchen etc.);
  • To take advantage of spoken communication while keeping the advantages of multi assistance and all the WebChat features.

And also…


When the phone rings
LiveSuite answers!

Thanks to the integration of your VOIP number with LiveSuite, you can answer and call your customers from the same platform from which you manage the digital channels of your company.

Why choose LiveCall?

  • To allow your agents’ to offer high standards of service across all channels with LiveSuite’s centralized solution, the best strategy in today’s digital universe, that is Omnichannel and Omnimodal;
  • To give a unique experience to customers who prefer to contact you by picking up the phone!

  • To optimize the management of each conversation, even those coming from traditional channels.
    The smart routing of ACD assigns phone calls to agents considering requests from other touchpoints, workloads and other criteria you choose!

  • Because it’s not the classic call… the flow is highly customizable according to your needs, studying the best solution together with LiveHelp.

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