Smart and easy handling of Social Reputation.

The LiveSocial module transforms all comments
from Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Google My Business into tickets.

It is a seamless experience: operator’s messages will be published in response to comments on the original platform.

Why choose LiveSocial?

  • Because they are the most popular social platforms;
  • To be reactive, take part in conversations and monitor the sentiment in an effortless way: everything is in the Suite!
  • Because messages can be managed by operators with sharing access credentials;

  • To control communications and trace interactions;
  • Thanks to Ticket Scalability, it’s possible to maintain quick reaction time required on social media; 
  • To keep a coherent tone of voice , thanks to the use of templates;

  • Because they are visible to all visitors, operator’s replies can be validated before publishing;
  • To perform quality analysis of received comments, it is possible to view the transcriptions from the Backoffice.

LiveSocial advantages

of social media

  • Keeping conversations always open on your social channels will be easy
    from today: you can interact with your audience using tickets.

of conversations

  • All comments and replies are recorded and remain retrievable in the LiveHelp Suite and can be reviewed by backoffice for quality analysis.

Communication flow supervision

  • Ticket features
    allow to monitor
    incoming comments
    and operators’ replies, maintaining control over communication.

And much more…


Monitor your Facebook page.

Facebook is one of the most used social networks in the world.
Increase the engagement rate taking active part in conversations.
Now it is simple: all comments to your posts in one platform, can be handled in form of tickets.


Monitor the sentiment on your Instagram account.

Keep in touch with your Audience.
Keep communication flows under control in an easy way: you can review and answer to all comments from the LiveHelp Suite.


Add a pinch of creativity to your Customer Care.

Conquer the most viral social network of the moment and enter into a relationship with the community of TikTok creators.
How? Thanks to LiveSuite, the platform that converts comments on videos into tickets, distributing them to Agents together with requests from other channels.

Google My Business

Your 4.0 window.
Give value to the image of your company.

When looking for a company, a shop or a service using Google or Google Maps you might have noticed a small tab appearing in Google’s home with refences to the business that includes addresses, hours, photos and reviews.

That is Google My Business: the interface that allows you to highlight your activity on the web. It’s a real digital window and your company has the chance to show its best and engage in high value conversations with visitors.

Thanks to Google My Business, your business’ profile can be improved by comments and reviews from your clients who share their ideas and satisfaction.

People interested in your activity can comment and ask for information about your products or services.

In order to quickly take in charge every feedback and request, and monitor your reputation on the number one search engine in the world, we created the integration with LiveSocial.

With LiveSocial the interactions coming from comments and reviews of your clients become tickets which can be replied to directly from LiveSuite, so to keep in touch with well-known clients and meet new ones.

Why manage Google My Business with LiveSocial?

  • For an optimal monitoring of Local and Global Reputation, interacting with people near and far, established and potential clients;
  • Give visibility and promote your brand also online;
  • You can quickly reply to questions or to common types of comments by setting pre-defined replies;
  • Dedicated reports allow to monitor the engagement rate of your company and find strategies to promote your activity.

Advanced features for the EMPOWER AGENT integration:

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