The new age of asynchronous communication.

Goodbye emails. Welcome traceability.

Requests coming from website visitors, messaging systems (WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Apple Business Messages and Google Messages) or from your email are routed, based on parameters of our ACD (Automatic Contact Distribution) in the form of tickets.

ACD is the smart communication flow distribution system that routes all conversations, coming from different channels into the Suite and to operators based on your configurations!
The company can quickly reply to all messages keeping the communication open and active with the answers repository that also allows an easy supervision.

Why choose LiveTicket?

  • Traceability and control of communication flow
    (e.g.: origin, handling time…);
  • To prevent fragmentary and disorganized disorganized communication, handling everything from one platform;
  • For a true omnichannel approach, which allows to manage different channels from LiveHelp Suite;

  • Because it is possible to automate the communication flow thanks to the integration of LiveBot with messaging and ticketing systems;
  • Smart routing of all requests from any channel, based on your own rules!

LiveTicket bonuses

Asynchronous communication

  • A ticket is the best choice to handle complex requests to your HelpDesk.

and Queues

  • Automatic routing system for incoming messages, for an efficient request distribution.

of requests

  • The system assigns tickets to operators basing on customized parameters, optimizing time management.

And more…

Web Ticket

Optimize your HelpDesk management.

Goodbye endless chains of emails, welcome ticket.
LiveHelp’s web ticket allows you to convert requests received from your website and your emails to tickets.

Why choose a web ticket?

  • Optimized handling and control of conversation flow;
  • To give asynchronous feedback to cases not easily solved in real time;
  • Possibility for external entities or offices to assist in managing a ticket;
  • Operators have access to information about users that is useful while managing requests thanks to a guided and customizable procedure that collects user data when opening a ticket;
  • Because it is perfectly integrated in LiveBot: our virtual assistant.

Facebook Messenger

Reply to requests from Facebook Messenger opening a ticket.

Be present in your client’s everyday life: take advantage from their presence on social media by involving them in your posts and reply to their requests by opening tickets.

Why choose the integration with Facebook Messenger?

  • Because it is one of the most popular messaging channels;
  • So a message is never lost: all requests from clients can be found in LiveHelp Suite;
  • For handling scalability: using tickets, each message can be assigned to a different operator, improving response time;
  • Integration with LiveBot.

WhatsApp Business API

Support clients who use WhatsApp to communicate with your company.

An omnichannel communication cannot be without WhatsApp Business!

Add this messaging application to your offer to interact with your clients quickly, manage many numbers with one account.
Thanks to WhatsApp Push you can proactively communicate with your clients!

Why choose the integration with WhatsApp?

  • Because it is the most used messaging application in the world;
  • Because your client uses WhatsApp for business too;
  • Unlike WhatsApp Business, where replies to messages takes place in 1 to 1 mode, with WhatsApp Business API, the system routes incoming messages to different operators, making service faster;
  • Many integrations are available: Order tracking and referral, geolocation, Client profile recognizing via CRM etc.;
  • NEW
    The new WhatsApp Push function allows to schedule the sending of contents (e.g.: order confirm, reminders) and create recipients lists, to automatically broadcast your communications.
    Dedicated reports, is included in each sending in order to verify coverage and engagement rate;
  • Because it can be integrated with LiveBot.


Use the Telegram channel at its full potential.

Give your company a friendly face and engage your clients on Telegram.

With this channel, establishing a confidential relation is easy, with a friendly and engaging language.

Why choose Telegram?

  • Because its popularity is increasing;
  • To manage, with a ticket, voice messages, that will be converted to text by the speech to text and text to speech system;
  • Because integration with Telegram is easy and quick: the only necessary thing is to have a Telegram account and LiveHelp does the rest!
  • NEW
    With Telegram Push you can automate your Social Customer Care and Social Selling, services by starting a conversation with your clients.
    Replies to your messages are managed directly by operators in the LiveHelp Suite!
  • It can be integrated with LiveBot.


Through the SMS, it's easy and automatic to keep your customers always up to date!

The universe of today’s digital channels can make people think that SMS is obsolete.

Is that really true?
Reports* describes a different scenario: a reception rate of 98%, an opening rate of 95% within three minutes from the arrival of the message (the highest among all marketing channels) and a CTR of 36%, make the SMS the perfect channel to engage your audience, with flash communications and calls to action.

SMS allows you to send messages to your customers in order to communicate with them proactively: notifications, reminders, campaigns... contents that your company can spread to inform or update, ensuring a high quality service that anticipates customer needs.

An example?
Send a shipping notification of an order, a reminder for an appointment, a notice for an exclusive promotion... before the customer even asks!
Also in this, LiveSuite surprises you, because once you have arranged your message, recipients and shipping date and time, LiveHelp platform thinks about the rest: it’ll send your message, transforms possible answers of the customers in tickets assigned to the agents and generate reports to monitor the campaigns.

Why aAdopt SMS in your Digital Customer Care?

  • Because the introduction of a channel has never been so easy: a single platform, LiveSuite, from which to create message content, choose your own lists of recipients and schedule the date and time of shipping;
  • To manage answers to SMS communications, collected and distributed in a smart way to agents within LiveSuite, considering requests from other channels, agents’ workload and skills;
  • Because monitoring engagement rate and the effectiveness of your campaigns through the same platform from which you send your messages, allows you to immediately identify the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns, and to intervene promptly on texts, lists and sending schedule to achieve maximum performance.
* From: "5 Shocking SMS Marketing Statistics That Show Why 2023 Will Be the Year of SMS" published by SMSLocal, on September 7th, 2023.

LiveHelp continues to surprise!
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