New agent's panel release

The latest release of the agent's panel is automatically available for all LiveHelp Customers, and will offer chat agents a better experience to become even faster and more efficient than ever: find out all the new features, from the information about visitors to the tag assignment.

All the visitor data (IP address, browser and operative system, previous approaches) are retrieved without database queries and are now available in real time.
Chat agents can immediately know if and with whom the visitor has already chatted. Besides, they can see if the customer has already tried to get in contact without being answered. This can be helpful to offer a better service
The information box has been adjusted to properly show the new 32-bit IPv6 addresses.
The "favicon" feature has been updated, to help contact center agents differentiate at a glance the website from which the request has come. In some cases the company proxy could block this feature. You can enable this setting in the Preferences page of LiveHelp Admin Dashboard.
Team leaders or supervisors can now force agents to tag chats when conversations end, to help understand the most frequent topics

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