LiveBot: LiveHelp virtual assistant fully integrated with the real live chat

SOSTANZA presents a preview of a chatbot solution that will make happy both company and customers
Thanks to LiveBot solution, customers can interact with the bot simulating human interaction. The interface creates the perfect hospitality for the customer, always giving the opportunity to shift to the human level.

Interacting with the bot the user can seek, and find, among Frequently Asked Questions, advanced knowledge base and online documents. In few exchanges customers reach immediately the correct answer, and the system machine learning drastically accelerates the deployment time and ensures uniformity of response, impossible to get with human agents.

Thanks to an advanced tracking system, it is possible to monitor the bot’s performance, i.e. how much it affects the conversion rate and purchase rate for e-commerce websites, like it was a human agent.

At the end customers can send their feedback, save the bot conversation, send it to their e-mail address or print it.

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