Referral Program

Earn your revenue automatically thanks to the chat on your website!

For each LiveHelp account created from the chat on your website or affiliate link, you will receive a 10% revenue.
Also for recurring orders!

How does it work?

Sign up for the free trial and place LiveHelp® widget on your website: our system records if anyone clicks the "Powered by LiveHelp" disclaimer and signs up for a new account, and refers it to your referral ID.

What happens if I chose a "white label" package?

You will be able to earn revenue anyway thanks to the affiliate URL: share your referral URL on your website, blog or social networks and spread #thechatexperience!
You will find your referral URL into your Dashboard.

How do I get paid?

You can apply for accreditation on your PayPal account when the earned amount reaches 100 €. We will make payments in € euros.

If I don't want to use the chat on my website, can I participate in the referral program anyway?

Sure! You just have to create a new LiveHelp® account, even without including the chat widget on your website.
In the "Referral program" page of your dashboard you will find the referral URL to share through your blog or your social networks.

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