LiveHelp and Actonlytics: the e-commerce chat solution

LiveHelp® chat is now officially part of the Actonlytic’s partners list as an efficient solution to guarantee a fast and simple online assistance for e-commerce customers.

Actonlytics suggests LiveHelp® as e-commerce chat solution.

Actonlytics is an application developed by Itembase, a consulting agency fully dedicated to analyze and resolve online stores business deals; it studies the single company's case and proposes personalized strategies and the best softwares to reach the highest possible goal. LiveHelp® chat is now officially part of the Actonlytic's partners list as an efficient solution to guarantee a fast and simple online assistance for e-commerce customers.

LiveHelp® suite has already been chosen by a large number of online shops; the chat is successfully employed both as a direct customer care cannel during the online shopping (in real time) and for those buyers who get into troubles after purchase or during the delivery phase.

Why to add a chat service on e-commerce websites?

Web chat assistance on e-commerce shops turns into a powerful tool of customer loyalty increase. It is another way to improve the conversion rate due to:

  • A direct channel of communication between the user and the customer care department: the potential customers who experience issues or hesitations during the online shopping, can resolve their doubts and finalize their purchase thanks to the technical assistance of skilled agents. The results is the decrease of the abandoned carts.
  • The page's track system incorporated into LiveHelp® platform, shows all the pages visited by the users; agents know in which part of the purchase process the potential customer is stuck in, so they can search and find solutions very fast and avoid a large amount of questions. For example, operators can deduce if users are having trouble with the payment or if they are searching more information about the products.
  • Thanks to LiveHelp® chat, agents are able to read the users' navigation history through the website's pages and, like a personal shopper, they can suggest to buy related products, point out special offers or engage customers with personalized coupons… a very special occasion to increase the cart's value!
  • The operators' activity can be registered and traced down to measure ROI. In other words: a good feedback item for the whole customer care centre.

LiveHelp® chat is compatible with Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Newcart and, in general, with any platform supporting javascript snippet code.

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