Reply your customers at any time thanks to the APP

From now on you can extend the support hours for your website, or if you own an e-commerce business without permanent staff, you can answer your visitors in chat straight from your smartphone.

Offering products and services online is a benefit because your website is accessible 24/7 and potential customers can connect at any time.
To always provide your support in real time and not miss any chat, you can just download the free app from the stores:
At first logon you will be asked to enter your site-ID and login with your regular agent's credentials. Then until you logout, when a user asks for the chat on your website, you'll receive a notification similar to the reception of a normal message, even keeping the app in the background.

In LiveHelp® admin dashboard, you can edit the agent's settings to choose when to receive alerts on your smartphone:
  • always
  • only with colleagues
  • only if no other agent is available
If you choose "only with colleagues" notifications, you will be able to take advantage of one of the most powerful of LiveHelp® features: cooperative chat with colleagues, that overcomes the limit of Instant Messaging systems so far, because it allows file sharing and it integrates into the workflow without distractions.

The app, available for all packages (LITE, STANDARD and BUSINESS), is an essential tool making LiveHelp® the most complete solution for online customer care.

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