New, amazing PAUSE feature

New function to temporarily disable incoming chat alerts.

LiveHelp® team always takes care of the needs of the compay that use the live chat as a daily tool to manage online support.

Some of our Clients in e-commerce and travel business expressed the need for a feature to allow agents temporarily block the alerts of incoming chats without having to log out, like they do in telephone systems. That's why we have just released the exclusive PAUSE feature, that agents can recall clicking the new vertical bars symbol at the top right of their panel.

What happens when chat agents are paused

The engagement button behavior on the site will depend on widget settings. The situations that may arise are two:

  1. Widget set to popup only if there are connected agents (and active): if all agents are paused, che chat button won't show up on the website. If only some agents are paused, the chat will keep on showing and only the available operators will be alerted of incoming chats. Paused agents don't count for the purposes of calculating real-time availability that you can set for the chat widget.

  2. Widget set to popup even if there are connected agents (and active): if all connected agents are PAUSED, the chat on the website will salways be available and customers will be able to fill in a call-me-back form, after a customizable waiting time (you can define it in the template options). Otherwise you can choose in the Preferences page of the Admin dashboard to show a simple message of unavailable operators. Both the message and the call-me-back form can be managed at page Customizations > Responsive template.

While an agent is paused, he can finish ongoing chats and the other party won't know about his status. However, incoming customers asking for support will be shown in the right sidebar of the agent's panel, to be able to support them in case the active colleagues would not respond.
To go back from the pause, agents just have to click the PLAY button that will show up in place of the pause.
The status of paused agents is shown with the same icon next to their avantar and the event is logged in the ALL page.
Teamleader are notified about pause status in real time; in case of chat forwarding, agents will know if the colleagues are AVAILABLE or BUSY.

Why activate the PAUSE function

We have developed the PAUSE feature for complex situations when the customer care staff is numerically significant and agents are used to ask for pause at the phone as well, or if they perform backoffice activities other that the chat (for example, tickets) and failed or ineffective customer management could create perceptible disservice.
In other words, agents can request for pause when they are really far from their desk or around closing time: this way they can end up all ongoing chats.

How to enable PAUSE function

PAUSE feature is available for all LiveHelp® Clients with a Business package.
It is disabled by default: administrator can enable it in the admin dashboard "PREFERENCES » ENABLE PAUSE", choosing "Let agents go on pause".

Agents will see the pause button at next login.

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