27/02/2016 | Hotel Michelangelo Milano, 3-4/03/2016

LiveHelp silver sponsor at Meet Magento Italy

LiveHelp® will be silver sponsor at the next Meet Magento Italy, the most important international event of the Magento community

And there's more: besides being present with our stand, we are proud to announce that our CEO and LiveHelp founder Alessandro La Ciura has been chosen to give a business talk about web support chats.

In this quick speech we will show the reason for the success of online chats, that is the benefits they offer to users and especially for companies that adopt it. Based on this, we will reason together on things to consider when evaluating about implementing a chat, finding the selection criteria for the platform and focus on what a chat means at an organizational and technical level.

We will also see what are the tools that allow to measure chat efficiency and what real results we should expect, based on our experience in projects and some "magical formulas" to calculate the volume, the costs and savings associated with the introduction of the chat.

LiveHelp® is integrated into Magento platform, the most used in the world to develop e-commerce websites, thanks to an advanced plugin allowing to chat with web users monitoring their cart and measuring the performance of each chat.

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