LivePush: the platform for an innovative communication

Every day 215 billions of e-mails are sent.
Among these, promotional e-mails have lower and lower open rates, due to providers' spam policies and for information overload.

Contrary to what you might think, given that smartphones and instant messaging systems are more and more common, traditional SMS messages keep a high open rate:a Teradata report published on Direct Marketing News states that 94% of SMS are opened within 3 minutes from the delivery, versus 20% of e-mails.

There are not only sms for innovative marketing: push notifications are a new feature available on the latest releases of web browsers, both for desktop and for smartphone. They look like an alert on the monitor with a picture, a title and a text (all customizable) where you can insert a URL to redirect users to the desired page (landing page).
Messages sent in this format attract the recipient's attention and achieve higher click-through rates than common newsletters, overcoming e-mail spam policy and asking the customer a simple opt-in: recent research estimated a 40% return rate on the website!

LivePush is the module of LiveHelp® platform that allows you create outbound broadcasting campaigns through push notifications that are innovative, engaging and measurable and direct and effective SMS, without letting back e-mail campaigns, still effective for well-profiled list of recipients.

Thanks to an integration with your Company CRM, you will be able to select precisely the audience that will receive the SMS on their cellphone or an alert on their computer simply opening the browser, even if they are not on the Company website or their smartphone is in stand-by mode.

An intuitive and responsive dashboard, with different levels of access, allows to create simple messages made up of:

  • A heading
  • A picture
  • A link to a landing page
  • A call to action (in this case a click on the connected link)
In case of promotional e-mails (or newlsetter), the module structure will allow you to compose more complex messages at will, even if you don't have HTML knowledge.

LivePush dashboard offers an option of scheduling campaigns and make some tests to find the best moment for sending your messages, to reach the best open rate.

Allowed users will be able to enter the analysis section, to monitor the most significant KPIs for each campaing and/or group of recipients:

  • Number of recipients to whom the push message was sent
  • Total number of clicks for campaign
To maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns, you will be able to set a conversion value for the action that you wish the customer to fulfill on the landing page (for example, filling into a form or a survey).

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