LiveHelp®, easy and flexible live chat for your website.

In just one click, web visitors can CHAT and VIDEOCHATwith an agent of your customer service, get real time explanation about products or services and have a trusted reference.

An additional communication channel

Like the telephone, more than the telephone..
More and more users prefer to contact companies via live chat: available from any location, real-time like a phone call and discreet like an e-mail. With the advantage that the phone remains free and operators can answer multiple clients simultaneously.

Easy to use and set up

One-click features
Any operator can provide assistance from the web dashboard, after a short training. The basic functions such as file transfer or chat transfer are intuitive and immediate.

Measure your ROI

Advanced analytics and user identification.
In your administrator dashboard you will find the conversations stored and all the data you need to measure the efficiency of the operators. And if you want the user's feedback, you can submit a survey at the end of the chat.

Fully customizable

All code is developed and maintained internally by the developers of the company.
This allows us to make new implementations, upgrades or system changes quickly when needed.

In-house training

Live chat is a particular media and has its own code.
Our trainer staff is available for in-house sessions to train agents non only about technical matters, but only about the best way to manage chats.

We care for user experience

Increase customer satisfaction.
A simple click to get real-time support, with a user experience designed by people who have been developing chats for 20 years.

Never miss a chat

Even on the move.
Let your agents chat with customers and between each other when they are not at their desktop, thanks to LiveHelp smartphone app which integrates and interoperates with desktop web app.

An open platform

Fully integrable.
LiveHelp® can share data with any CRM or ticketing software, for the best efficiency of the customer care service.

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