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In real-time channels (chat and telephone), you can't always guarantee the first-contact resolution.

There are some situations when it is useful to place aside chat and telephone a ticketing system, which allows you to receive requests even when there are no operators available right away.

By ticket, we mean a computer tool that replaces any written form of interaction (e.g. email, messages, etc.) between the end-user and the Company, or between departments of the same Company.
The advantage of a ticket over other tools is the fact that the ticket can be measured, analysed and classified by type, origin and touchpoint.
Each action made on the ticket is registered as a trigger, and as a result, it is possible, at any time, to know where the ticket is and how long it has been open.

Ticketing is the module of LiveHelp® platform which allows you to efficiently manage complex requests from customers or between departments of the same company.

Customers like it because:

  • The request is forwarded to the best agent based on predefined skill sets
  • They receive in real time information about the progress of their request via e-mail
  • Documents and information needed are immediately requested, without annoying e-mail exchanges

Companies like it because:

  • The lifecycle of the reportings are saved and shared across all corporate resources, with different levels of permissions
  • The Ticket system automatically redirects all requests based on their priority and agents' skill sets, and classifies them by definite contact reasons
  • the time spent on tickets is marked precisely and all changes are logged and reported in detail
  • All requests have a standard structure
  • When an agent is not present, the teamleader can forward the request to another agent keeping trace of the process

A ticket can be opened by the customer on the website, in a reserved area or by chat/phone agents.
It will be redirected to the best agent based on his availability, predefined skill sets, the contact reason, the priority and other criteria.

Ticketing system is seamlessly integrated with LiveChat: agents receive the alerts for incoming chats and tickets in the same dashboard. Even LiveBot chatbot is linked to Ticketing system, for a complete virtual assistance: for example, in some cases LiveBot can suggest to customers to open a ticket that will be forwarded to real agents.

According to a Gartner survey, 90% of companies will use social media as their primary customer service by 2020.
NM Incite research claims that 71% of consumers are inclined to recommend the brand to friends and relatives if they have had a positive support experience on social networks.

The LiveHelp® Ticket allows you to efficiently manage social channels, integrated with any Messaging System with API.

Each post, comment or instant message sent by users on the most common platforms (Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Linkedin, WeChat, Line...) is distributed to dedicated agents as a ticket, based on the criteria of the Automatic Contact Distribution.
Thanks to the responses repository and easy supervision, the company can respond quickly to all requests, without losing contact.
Users will be able to receive the answers they need quickly, keeping the user experience they are used to on their favorite social network.

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