Efficient customer care

Multiplies customer support

Chat with several people at the same time.
LiveHelp® gets over telephone limitations and easily cuts call center costs.

Advanced management of prioritized queues

No long waiting for anyone.
Thanks to a system of priority similar to telephone switchboards, users are smartly routed to the first free operator.

Innovative "multitenant" function

Transfer between rooms.
LiveHelp® is the only "multitenant" live chat: you can forward chats from one department to another, mirroring the company structure.

The first truly cooperative live chat

Chat transfer, collaboration between agents and file transfer.
Agents can chat with each other to best serve users, even if they are not in the same location, and route visitors to the dedicated agent for the best assistance. And more, have you ever thought about the convenience to receive and send documents in real time?

Halves service time

Users need immediate answers.
Thanks to canned responses, agents can provide fast answers to frequently asked questions and shape them to the ongoing conversation.

Always available chat history

Recognize returning visitors.
Agents know at a glance if the user has already been chatting in the past and can immediately read previous conversations (useful after chat transfer).

A "peephole" on your customer

To know who to serve first.
Agents see a sketched "eye" next to customers who are actually looking at the chat window, so as to answer them rather than those who are focused on other web pages or programs.

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