Why choose LiveHelp

Some reasons why you should choose LiveHelp® live chat for your customer support:

Boost online sales

Follow step by step the customer in the purchase process on your e-commerce.
If you offer products or services online, the presence of an agent gives trust and confidence to the customer before buying, because it creates a refernce in case of any doubts. The user feels that the company he is been giving money to, is made up of real people available even when he can not call.

An additional communication channel

Like the telephone, more than the telephone.
More and more users prefer to contact companies via live chat: available from any location, real-time like a phone call and discreet like an e-mail. With the advantage that the phone remains free and operators can answer multiple clients simultaneously.

A marketing tool

Improve your campaigns.
The admin dashboard provides information about site visitors, such as the page of origin, useful to evaluate the effectiveness of pay-per-click campaigns and plan future marketing operations.

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