The Chat eXperience

More than 15 years of live chat development

More than 15 years of live chat development

Our experience at disposal of user experience.
Our developers are expert in the chat world since late '90s. Since then we have been testing every day how to improve the usability of the chat for end users, keeping in mind our customers' suggestions.
>We are pleased to meet you

We are pleased to meet you

We find the best solution for you.
LiveHelp® can bring great changes in the way you manage the customer care and should be integrated with company systems. That's why we strongly believe that is important to engage with project managers, IT and customer care responsibles, to understand in detail the needs of your business.

In-house training for agents

From theory to practice.
Not all customer care employees are familiar with live chat systems, but after a few hours of dedicated training with our staff, they will be able to manage every feature: taking chats, files transfer, chat transfer, consulting previous messages...

The tricks of chat communication

Even chat has its language code.
Counting on many years of chat experience, our staff will advise operators on how to handle complaints, close conversations in the most delicate way, use emoticons and lead the user to complete the purchase process.
Chat with us

We are the first fans of LiveHelp®

Any questions? Chat with us!
We believe in our live chat solution so much that in office hours, we are available to chat with our customers, not only on this website but also in other web applications we have developed.

LiveHelp®: a tailor made chat

Have an idea? We can develop it together.
LiveHelp® platform is owned by SOSTANZA® srl. All code is developed and maintained internally by the developers of the company. This allows us to make new implementations, upgrades or system changes quickly. Upon request, Sostanza can quickly develop new features useful to all accounts or to specific customers.

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