Technical features

  • Integration

    No software installation required.
    LiveHelp® activates with a few lines of code in the pages of your website. Users chat with agents in a dedicated windows of their Internet browser. Agents log in their web dashboard from any location.
  • Service provided from our servers.
    No slowdown in your business bandwidth because the service is provided by our reliable and secure servers. If you wish to keep control over exchanged data, you can choose a licence installation on your own server.
  • Compatibility with all browsers and operating systems.
    The agent dashboard is compatible with all browsers: Internet Explorer (version 7 and above), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari for Windows and Mac.

  • Suitable for any website or blog.
    No limit to the language used: the lines of code that trigger the live chat can be inserted into HTML, PHP, ASP pages or web sites created with the main CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, Magento...).

  • Fully customizable layout
    You can customize the end-user layout with your logo, corporante colors and fonts. Your creative developer can realize a customized chat button.

  • Information about the user from your CRM
    Agents can retrieve all the information provided by the company's integrated CRM or CMS (for example, the customer's data sheet or the content of the cart) directly in the chat panel.

  • Advanced features for agents

    Files exchange
    During the chat, operator and visitors can exchange files in the most popular formats (documents, pictures ...) to speed up procedures.

  • Chat transfer
    Like on the phone, operators can redirect customers to each other, to best serve them.

  • Canned responses
    One click to recall customizable preset answers, to respond quickly to frequently asked questions.

  • Get to know your users better
    A box in the agent's dashboard provides real-time information about a user: the page of the site from which the chat was requested; if there already was a conversation with the same person in the past; the operating system, browser and language.
  • Chat logs
    Real-time browsing of previous chats, with all agents of the team.

  • "Peephole" feature and delivery confirmation
    Through some visual indicators, agents know if their message have been delivered and if users have the chat window in the foreground.

  • Desktop notifications
    Thanks to notifications similar to the receipt of an email, agents can keep open other programs and be notified only when users request assistance.

  • Customizable sound alert
    Alert sound can be customized as you wish, and can be turned off for individual agents.

  • Chat from smartphone
    Your agents will never miss an incoming chat even when on the move, with LiveHelp® app available on iOS App Store and Google Play Store for Android.

  • "Read the user's mind"
    Read a preview of what your customer is writing before sending the message and get ready to reply in less time!

  • Forward the chat transcript
    Agents can send the transcript of the whole conversation to one or more email addresses.

  • Add info about customer
    Input field that activates at the end of the chat, in which the operator can write information about the user acquired during the conversation (eg e-mail address, tax code ...).
  • Advanced users features

    Files exchange
    During the chat, operator and visitors can exchange files in the most popular formats (documents, pictures ...) to speed up procedures.

  • Live chat transcript
    Users can choose to receive a chat transcript on their e-mail.

  • Contact form
    When no agent is available, users can send an email through a form and the department won't risk losing their contact.
  • Link Preview
    A picture says a thousand words! Enable this feature and show amazing link's previews: when agents send website's videos or products links, users will also receive title, image and description of the page.
  • Desktop notifications
    Before starting the chat, users can enable browser notifications: after each answer, the agent's avatar and messages will appear right on their desktop even if the chat window is in the foreground. This feature improves Customer Experience and speeds up all conversations.
  • Management features

    Categorize chats with custom tags
    At the end of the chat, agents can assign a category to the conversation by choosing between those included by the administrator in the backoffice. A simple and effective system to monitor and optimize the organization of the service.
  • Real-time monitoring and agents' workload logs
    Advanced system to monitor the situation in chat and know how many users and operators are connected, at any time, to take timely action on staff.
  • Reference of chats and "call me back" requests.
    The search for archived chats is simple and straightforward; the forms filled in by users are stored in the admin panel as well for future reference.

  • Team Leader mode
    Supervisors can monitor in one panel the real time situation of the chat with the key performance indicators.
    The teamleader does not receive chat requests and is not seen by users.

  • Manage multiple departments
    Do you offer support for different offices or departments?
    You can let users choose which department det in touch with, for a more efficient routing.

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